Jurguis’s father. Lithuania

Thanks a lot for your care! Jurgis is remembering the time spent in Spain very often. I think his sentence: “it was the most beautyful vacation in my life” describes his opinion about the last summer. The place where he lived and Imma who took care of him all those 3 weeks was without any single complain. Especially while he lost his lugagge, and how she and yourself helped him on every corner. The spanish classes were great, and he improved a lot, he can speak spanish on daily bases without any issue. His favorite hobby – Basketball – I am pretty sure he never spent more hours on the court with group and with the coach individual. I can write all day long starting how he was treaten at the airport, how was the food tastefull, how he was impressed from the beach cafe where he spent the time with Imma and his son….

It is a million reason why the choice was just 100% right!!!

Lauren’s mother. USA-Texas

Lauren and I both miss our Spanish experience very much!

BAI Languages is second to none. The program design mixing language immersion and sports is a unique and exceptional way to engage kids in the learning process anchored by an activity that they love. My 16 year old daughter, Lauren, and I both felt as if BAI had thought of every detail in planning her stay. Roser listened to our travel timing needs and interests and managed to construct the perfect spanish program; it truly could not have been more ideal. Lauren’s host family was also superb. Roser went to great trouble to find a family with sisters she thought would match Lauren’s age and interests. As a result, Lauren’s host family will be our spanish family for a lifetime. Mataro is a safe and beautiful town creating the ideal place for a teenager to broaden language and life skills. Lauren’s independence and confidence increased exponentially. We chose BAI for its course offerings, its value, and – Roser’s leadership. I would highly recommend this program.

French Agent. France

I’ve been working with BAI in Mataro for the past 7 years, and we send a number of students to them over the course of the year. In fact, I have 3 students going to them next week! BAI Languages selects their host families very carefully and our students always feel very cared for and looked after, and I do feel that this is the best way to learn the language. The school is in the heart of the beautiful old town of Mataro, north of Barcelona, right by the sea. The teachers are well qualified and take the time to explain to the students.

I know the riding centre, and visited it just last December. It is an amazing location overlooking the sea; the horses are top quality, and the coaches are kind, and really passionate about what they do. Our horseriders always come back with stars in their eyes! We are extremely happy with the services they provide.

Jie Yao
Spanish Department. Shangai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU

The BAI has always made a programme tailor-made to our choosing, offering us a wide variety of entertaining and cultural activities. Everything is planned and carried out down to the last detail by an experienced and professional staff. The hospitality given by host family and by the BAI has made these trips an unforgettable experience for our students. Many thanks!

17 year old student. Switzerland

I was at the BAI for nine weeks studying both Spanish and English, and the results were highly satisfactory, thanks to their experienced and friendly teachers. The BAI put together a timetable for me and their attention to detail during my whole stay was excellent. I have great memories of this time. I recommend living the same experience to any student of Spanish or English.